Ooooh, do you feel this?

This atmosphere. It reigns during the holidays.

It’s the most particular of the year, wouldn’t you agree?

The decorations, the colours, the lights, and the unique flavours and smells you can sniff around places, make this moment of the year so special.

The charm of this moment really captures everyone: from the little ones, who anxiously await to unravel the gifts brought by Santa Clause, to the older ones, who are waiting for this moment to hug distant relatives and enjoy a little rest.

However, the religious origin of the holiday season has been lost, especially in recent decades. The social importance of this period has been eroded with time. Self-sacrifice has been replaced with the celebrations of one’s ego in a competitive race in which the winner is the one who exaggerates with gifts and decorations, and lights.

All to please that one person and that pretentious views of one’s wealth.

Today it seems, above all, a consumerist festival where gifts and large binges prevail.

Nowadays, it is clear that it appears vital to buy well-packaged gifts rather than reflect on the social importance of selflessness, or spirituality, for those who believe.

Still, the holidays, despite everything, retain a core of values.

They carry a message of peace and closeness with the disadvantaged, the will to help, the dream of a better society.

And I hope that this is also why so many love celebrates them.

To be reborn from this period a better person, maybe.

To kickstart the will to change things and create better places for everyone.

After all, this feast was born to commemorate that: the birth and rebirth of something or someone.

These holidays are full of symbols nonetheless, right?

But not just of symbols, and volition, and thoughts this moment of the year is made up. Holidays still are the most beautiful weeks of the year because it is the time when we all get together and really feel at home.

And that is not symbolism or politics, nor it is an altruist act.

It’s pure sensation, pure perception, pure emotion.

It is maybe true that we spend more time thinking about gifts, or what to eat on Christmas Eve or on any other day one celebrates. But it still feels that these holidays warm the hearts and souls. No matter what.

For a reason or another, this moment of the year feels special.

And I’m not really sure what that reason has to be. If it has, in any way.

It could be religious or social, or political, unselfish or self-centred.

It doesn’t really matter all that much.

In a way or another, we all experience those sensations. Those pure emotions. We all try to be better.

In our own way.

Christmas and the holidays lost their original meaning, perhaps. It’s not really that important.

Because that’s what happens over the centuries when cultures and thoughts merge and blend their views and traditions.

It’s not something to be afraid of.

It’s something worth the celebration.

Whether it is a time to rediscover yourself or reconnect with others.

To make a Christmas tree, decorate the house or prepare meals.

Whether you think about gifts for friends and relatives or for the poor and disadvantaged.

Whether you fight for a righteous cause for your community without asking for anything in return.

Holidays will always change a bit. They will always mean something a bit different for each of us.

What matters now, and always will, is how special we think this time of year is: full of sensations, emotions and a different perception.

A moment of birth and rebirth, this is.

So happy holidays.

Happy rebirth.

And a merry celebration: whatever you want to do!

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