The Ottawa Police Service (OPS)

Dear community,

The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) is now ready to accept nominations from community members for the new Ottawa Police Community Equity Council. The Council’s mandate will be to “collaborate with the OPS to work more effectively with Indigenous, racialized, and faith based communities in Ottawa.”

The official launch of the Council, with the announcement of Council members, is planned for September 2018 and the application process will be open until July 20, 2018.

The committee is looking for people who meet the following criteria:

a) Community Identity
– Indigenous status;
– Faith based community;
– Racialized community; or
– Gender (recognition of gender fluidity).

b) Your community has been engaged with police through high numbers of:
– Arrests; or
– Incidents of stopping, as victims or in some form of interaction with police.

c) Your community has high incidences of some of these activities:
– Street violence and/or gang activity;
– Drugs;
– Human trafficking; or
– Hate incidents.

d) You have some of these relationship/strategic skills
– Critical thinking;
– Communication skills (active listening);
– Ability to build trust; and/or
– Cross sector skills working with a range of community members.

All candidates must fill out the application form, provide a letter of interest, as well as a letter from a community organization or coalition that will support your application and verify that you are part of that organization in some capacity (staff, board).

Successful candidates will be invited to a formal interview in late August and will require:

– A criminal record check that will be paid for by the OPS; and
– Social media check.

Please take some time to review the new Council Responsibilities that outlines the mandate, objectives, outcomes and expectations for the Council. The application form, including selection criteria, can be found at: .

We encourage you to also circulate the application form to others that you think would be interested. Thank you for considering this opportunity. If you have any questions please contact Zoye Poulin at

Thank you for your continued support to this important community relationship.

With respect

1. Ketcia Peters [Community Chair]

2. Deputy Chief Steve Bell [Police Chair]

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