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Ketcia Peters Group Inc. (KPG) provides bilingual organizational and human development services to the public and private sector. This includes analysis and coaching of HR practices, strategic planning, organizational change, equity and inclusion, and anti-racism. KPG also provides individual and group coaching.

In recent years, KPG has shifted to greatly expand its equity, diversity and inclusion work at the municipal and community level, with a focus on anti-racism and anti-oppression. This work centers on a trauma-informed approach in order to ensure we do not cause further harm to those most marginalized in our communities. KPG has a network of diverse meeting/workshop designers, facilitators and coaches who are prepared to work collaboratively with organizations committed to long-term change.


Ketcia Peters, Certified International Trade Professional CITP®|FIBP® is an award winning entrepreneur and community activist with a record of strong results delivered for individuals and organizations across civil society, government and the private sector. As the former Community Chair of the Ottawa Community and Police Action Committee (COMPAC) and a strong advocate of crime prevention measures for at risk youth and delinquency, she delivers projects and programs at schools and community churches that identifies how the system works and addresses issues when caught in the trap of the criminal justice system.

She manages efforts to bring awareness around issues of policing and justice. In her role on COMPAC, she worked with representatives of the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) and Aboriginal and racialized communities to develop a Strategic Plan that included Values and Ethics as well as Conflict Resolution programs that have been helpful in ensuring ethical conduct of COMPAC members and in proactively resolving critical incidents between the police and Aboriginal and racialized communities in Ottawa.

One of the main drivers in developing this strategic plan was to have a reframing of the challenges that OPS had with these communities and thus creating a culture change. Her voluntary role enabled her to have an advanced knowledge of public safety, especially with “at risk” communities (particularly youth involved in gangs, drugs and human trafficking).

She works hard to advance the awareness of those issues to find solutions. She’s passionate about championing human rights and her focus is to bring the members of the OPS to the community to continue community-police dialogue about racial profiling, race relations and systemic racism concerns and perceptions, have them present information regarding the Ottawa Police complaint process, and advocate for professional and bias-free policing.

The importance and positive impact of Mrs. Peters’ work can not be mentioned enough regarding Ottawa’s context following the police involved death of Abdirahman Abdi back in summer 2016. The unusually higher distrust of the Black community towards the police institution needed to be funneled towards a constructive goal which Mrs. Peters properly addressed through her community mobilizing efforts in creating a safe space for the racialized community and the Police to dialogue and work out their issues. Her efforts were much applauded involving not just the Black community but as well Ottawa police and the medias services.

Ketcia has a genuine interest in community safety and policing, we have watched her listen to the ideas of member from the Ottawa Community and Police Action Committee (COMPAC) and use their experiences to formulate successful strategies that have helped the Ottawa Police Service achieve and maintain a position as a leader in community and police partnership. She has insight that surpass normal expectation, and has a determination that cannot be beat. Ketcia has earned the respect of everyone in the community. Ketcia Peters dedication and effectiveness in advancing such an important cause and her excellent leadership skills combine make her the very best person for this position.

other community works

From 2007 – 2012, Ketcia Peters sat on the board of Black History Ottawa
From 2018 – 2020 Former Vice-President, Regroupement Affaire Femmes (RAF)
From 2011 – 2020 Member of the Ottawa Police Community and Police Action Committee
From 2017 – 2020 Co-Chair of the Ottawa Police Community and Police Action Committee
From 2015 – present Chief Executive Officer, North-South Development Roots and Culture Canada

From 2020 – present Supporter of the Ottawa-Gatineau Transit Loop.

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Ketcia Peters, CITP®|FIBP®, ICF, CTP, PCC

Principal coach and facilitator at KPG

Terri-Lee Rayvals-Mele

Associate of The Ketcia Peters Group

Dumo Nyathi

Expert facilitator & Legal Practitioner

Jessica Simpson

Business manager, HR Specialist, Corporate & Community Educator